Besides the advice provided as part of our hands-on services, we also offer two briefings to deliver advice on specific sourcing plans:

  • The Executive Briefing  #1 - 1.5hrs ($1,000.00): This carefully prepared sourcing structure review is based on our “Ultimate China Sourcing Solution” presentation. It is interactive and designed for executives who feel that good is simply not good enough, for companies who seek a higher level of excellence from their China sourcing operations.  The briefing takes into account the company’s needs and aspirations and then proceeds to identify strengths, mitigate weaknesses and optimize opportunity.  Each company's unique Ultimate China Sourcing Solution emerges from this process.
  • The Executive Briefing #2 - 2hrs ($2,000.00): This executive briefing provides all the benefits of the Executive Briefing  #1 with additional participation, advisory input and specific recommendations from a senior advisor, usually the president of the company, Mr. Michael De Clercq.


Performance analysis’ starting at $1,000.00. Contact Us for details.

Hands On:

We offer 3 kinds of sourcing packages calibrated to suit specific needs, they are:

  • The Starter Package – Starting from $1,000 per month: Your own professional China sourcing team calibrated to your specific needs. This package is designed to be tailored to your needs and do the following:
    • Manage a small sourcing program
    • Manage part of a large program
    • Explore China’s potential as a source for your products
    • Evaluate areas for improvements
  • The Professional Package - $3,900 per month: A team unit of 4 hours per day, 83 hours per month. Good to handle a small to moderate sourcing program
  • The Business Package - $6,500 per month: A team unit of 8 hours per day, 166 hours per month. This is the most economical, scalable package for medium to large programs.


China Sourcing Management Survey - ($100)



Pricing Probe available for $799.