Leaders in China Sourcing since 1978

What We Do

China Performance Group provides essential support to those importers who seek excellence from their China supply chain. “The China Sourcing SolutionTM” is a superior approach to the particular problem of managing complicated businesses from a distance and extracting maximum benefits from the supply chain.

Who we are

CPG is a USA company operating in mainland China since 1978. We are a full sourcing service provider and business advisor. Our belief is that every company dealing directly with Chinese factories and seeking excellence in their buying program should have a professional, finely tuned sourcing office in China. We make that possible for companies of all sizes through a unique, personalized focused service approach.
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Getting Started

Take the management of your China sourcing to a higher level.


How We Help

CPG provides a complete array of China supply chain management services to importers, from simple research to hands-on management of the China segment.
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China Management

Management is the key.  Are your China sourcing management systems optimal? Don’t guess, find out how you rank using our China sourcing management check up questionnaire.

We have been working with CPG for the last four years. They were a crucial part to the development of our sourcing program. With their help we have sourced over 150 different items and in general the Chinese market has become much more approachable.
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Kris Van Damme, CRH
We are very satisfied with the attention to our quality details and the professional, responsive staff. We highly recommend CPG for any business looking to manufacture in China.
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Manuel Alaez, Rogue Concepts
The staff is professional and knowledgeable; their efforts have facilitated our ability to expand our supplier base in China. CPG consistently provides the support we require to expand our supplier base in China.
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Dennis Yarbrough, Babcock Power
For 15 years, CPG has always been there for Old Dutch International and all our home consumerods needs. I promise my customers the goods my company imports will have excellent quality and arrive right on time, and CPG makes sure I can honor both pledges.
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Ben Kan, Old Dutch International

Working with CPG opens the door for possibilities in China sourcing that were not accessible for us. Their services save my company time, money, and reduce travel needs. Plus, they're always very pleasant to work with! I support and recommend CPG for any business related to China.
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Heinrich Guth, Heras Fencing Systems