About Us


China Performance Group (CPG) is a full sourcing service provider and business advisor operating in China since 1978. Our philosophy is that every company dealing directly with Chinese factories should have a professional, finely tuned sourcing office in China. We make that possible for companies of all sizes through the China Sourcing Solution™.

CPG acts as an extension of our client’s operations and gives them complete control of their supply chain through advisory services, a professional sourcing staff and proven sourcing systems.

The key to our success is to understand both our clients and the Chinese factories that supply them. Our sourcing systems are preventive in nature, enabling us to anticipate and preempt problems before they occur. Our execution is based on rigorous implementation of proven methodologies with a focus on managing the “three essentials” of the supply chain, Price, Quality, and Timely Deliveries.

CPG also offers a wide range of additional services such as product development, sourcing optimization, factory audits, product benchmarking, travel planning, and industry research, among other services.

We bring 35 years of China sourcing experience using creative, pro-active and insightful methods to give our clients unparalleled access to the vast resources of China.