China visitation services

Visitation Services

At CPG we believe that just because you’re moving your production abroad that doesn’t mean you should be completely removed from the process. That’s why not only do we keep you completely aware of all day to day activities of your account, but we also offer a full range of China visitation advice and services. This allows you to understand everything that is going on with your China sourcing project from a first hand point of view. CPG provides the opportunity to see the factories and meet the factory managers and workers that are manufacturing your products. We facilitate a complete China experience for our clients so you can get a complete understanding of your production process. See below for our full list of China visitation services:

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

We will take care of all your travel plans including flight itinerary, airport pickup, and accommodations. For your convenience, we can arrange lodging at a convenient location and with our exclusive corporate rates.

Factory Visit Arrangements

Your factory visit is one of the most important reasons for your trip to China. It will give you a chance to personally see the operations and personnel running the actual production operations of the China supplier. At your request, a member of your sourcing team at CPG will accompany you on your visit acting as guide and interpreter as we handle all travel arrangements for the visit.

Meeting Set Up and Introductions

Let us know who you want to meet and we do the rest. Meet current factory managers, salesmen or potential factory managers. We facilitate face-to-face meetings and advise you on how to reach your objective and get the most from the meeting. We handle all of the arrangements.

Interpreter Services

CPG offers interpreter services by China Sourcing professionals charged at a daily rate. Unlike other interpreters, CPG’s sourcing interpreters understand your product and import/export terminology. This allows you to meet with factories and communicate effectively to get your point across.

Expo and Fair Visitation Services

As China has quickly become the “workshop to the world,” the trade fairs and expos held here annually are becoming central vehicles to acquainting yourself with the trade and manufacturing in the country. Experience anything from the more high profile events like the Canton Fair to the smaller, more specialized trade fairs throughout China. CPG will secure your tickets and manage your itinerary, interpretations, and fair registration.

Usage of Facilities

When you’re away from your office, business does not stop, and during your visit CPG offers you complete use of our facilities including desk space, high-speed Internet, and conference room usage.*

*Depending on availability. Usage is based on a first come first serve basis.