When developing a new product, professional support and management are key to the success of the project. CPG has been developing new products since the onset of business in 1978. We understand the process and what to focus on in order to get your product developed efficiently and as you envisioned it. CPG knows what pitfalls to watch out for and how to resolve development issues if they arise.

Product Development goes hand in hand with local manufacturing capabilities. CPG can help with design, technical support and finding the right suppliers and the optimal materials. CPG does not recommend product development in China if the long term manufacturing goal is not in China.

Complete Process

In general the process of a new product development would go through the following steps:

1. Communicating the concept:

The first part of the development involves understanding your need and the product you are trying to develop. During this initial step, CPG will analyze whether China would be suitable and cost effective to develop your product in. During this stage CPG will also review and advise on intellectual property rights and the best way to protect your original design.

2. Determine suitable factories:

During this stage, CPG researches and identifies factories to work with. The selection of best factories is based on quality, costs, enthusiasm, reliability, and relevant experience, among other factors. These factors are presented to the client together with the factory recommendation for review.

3. Prototype creation:

Once the client has selected a factory/factories to move forward with, prototyping will start. This involves finalizing specification sheets, AutoCAD drawings, molds, etc. then the actual production of the prototype by the factory. The stage tends to be the most work intensive, with troubleshooting ongoing throughout the production process.

4. Product Approval:

Once the correct final prototype has been approved by the client, the development stage is complete.

Product Development Auxiliary Services

CPG also offers specific product development services catering to projects already underway.

Intellectual Property Protection and Advice

CPG understands that in any industry, privacy and the security of your intellectual, as well as physical, property matters. Making sure to protect your ideas and designs is a top priority at CPG and should be given its due attention when producing in China. While the low cost advantages of Chinese manufacturing are highly seductive, intellectual property rights protection is still a concern. This is in spite of the Chinese government increasing its efforts to crack down on copyright infringement in order to encourage further foreign investment and production in the country. China Performance Group will analyze your situation, present the best options to make sure our client's property is safe, and help you execute and put those safeguards in place.

Molds Production

Our clients are not just looking to design a product, but are preparing to produce it on a large scale. In many cases a custom product will require proprietary molds. CPG’s Quality Control department aids in the preparation of all specifications to create the molds including AutoCAD drawings and specification sheets. Then CPG will work with a select factory to make sure that all molds are made according to the client's specifications. Upon completion of the process, all the rights to molds, design specifications, and drawings are wholly owned by the client.

Mold Tracking and Management

When working with factories, keeping track of proprietary molds can be essential to controlling your Intellectual Property. This is especially the case when working with a new factory with which business relationships are not yet in place. CPG provides cataloging, tracking, and management services to ensure that clients are always in control of their molds.

Quality Control Documentation, Specification Sheets and AutoCAD drawings

Manufacturing capabilities in China have gotten increasingly more sophisticated and as a result standardized QC documentation and AutoCAD designs are accepted at most factories all over China. With CPG's in house engineers, we can help clients develop and create Quality Control Documentation, such as AutoCAD designs, that will be needed to approach factories to correctly manufacture the product. Upon conclusion of the project, the client maintains rights and ownership over all the documentation and drawings used throughout the project.

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