China Sourcing Services


CPG provides the following services to importers who demand superior performance from their China sourcing operations.

Performance: It is our middle name and what our clients care most about. We improve sourcing performance in many different ways.
We interact with our clients on their concerns about performance. We systematically evaluate and analyze their current sourcing program and systems; we compare it to proven, optimal procedures and alternatives; and determine if improvements can be made. We provide a final report which usually includes a monetary estimate of the potential value of improvements. Call us for details.
Advice: You have a good system in place but you need advice to optimize it and maybe a second opinion as to what works and what could work better.
Our clients share with us their strategic sourcing goals and we interact with them on ways to best implement them. They also tap into our experience to resolve conflicts or challenges. Call us for details.
Hands-on: You don’t have a professional sourcing team in place but you need one. Our team is as big or as small as you need it, but it is always professional and reliable, and our fees are affordable and transparent.
We specialize in providing hands-on services for our clients. We have done this for more than 3 decades. We use two approaches to personalize and optimize our services to our clients:

  • The Inside Team is tailored to each client’s specific needs. It is, in effect, your team within our team.
  • The Monthly Pulse is a management system that delivers accountability and control to our clients.We offer 4 packages calibrated to suit specific needs, they are:
      • The Explorer Package - $2,600 per month: A short-term package with a team unit of 3 hours per day, 66 hours per month. This package is designed to explore China’s potential as a source or evaluate areas for improvements.
      • The Professional Package - $3,900 per month: A team unit of 4 hours per day, 88 hours per month. Good to handle a small to moderate sourcing program
      • The Business Package - $6,500 per month: A team unit of 8 hours per day, 166 hours per month. This is the most economical, scalable package for medium to large programs.

    Call us to find out more about these packages and how they make your sourcing program more efficient, more responsive and more cost-effective.

Knowledge: We have 38 years of experience at your service and a Proven Process to take sourcing operations to the next level.
We transfer our knowledge to our clients so that they learn form our systems and experience. We both benefit from this process. We share our knowledge in an interactive way on all aspects of the sourcing program, from RFQ to Quality Assurance to Logistics. We have written Procedures for every step of the sourcing operations. This know-how is most valuable for those who are not satisfied with “good enough.” Call us to find out more.