Sourcing with China Performance Group


  • Are you an importer that wants performance from his China sourcing operations?
  • Do you feel you are not getting a good return on your China sourcing investment?
  • Are you simply not satisfied with “good enough”?
  • Are you seeking the most cost efficient way to manage your China program?
  • Do you believe having a professional sourcing team makes a difference?
  • Do you want to take your sourcing operation to the next level?

The CPG services are designed to manage, better control and optimize your supply chain and your sourcing processes. They include the following:

  • Clear Communications with access to a bilingual team of sourcing experts
  • Quality Control you can rely on
  • Securing on-time deliveries every time
  • Direct transparent access to Chinese manufacturers
  • Strategic understanding of the business and cultural environment
  • Benchmarking, factory audits, and more

Besides the traditional commission-based services, CPG offers a unique fee-only approach to managing the China supply chain. This no-commissions approach provides the most economical solution to serious importers. It has all the advantages of a fully staffed sourcing office without its disadvantages. We currently offer 3 packages calibrated to suit specific needs, they are:

The Explorer Package: A short term package with a team unit of 3 hours per day, 66 hours per month. This package is designed to explore, as the name suggests, both China’s potential as a source and how effectively CPG interacts with you.

The Professional Package: A team unit of 4 hours per day, 88 hours per month. Good to handle a small to moderate sourcing program.

The Business Package: A team unit of 8 hours per day, 166 hours per month. This is the most economical, scalable package for medium to large programs.

Call us to find out more about these packages and how they make your sourcing program more efficient and more cost-effective.

Business Package