China Sourcing Services


CPG provides the following services to importers who demand superior performance from their China sourcing operations.

Advice: You have a good system in place but you want to optimize it. You seek a second opinion, expert advice on what can be done, on what should be done.
Our advice is grounded on a broad and deep experience of all elements of China sourcing. The objective is to obtain dramatic results, which we call the “Ultimate China Sourcing Solution.” This solution is different for each company.  Many of our clients have operated in China for years and have a good system in place.  But they want better.  Transforming a good sourcing operation to a great one is not a magic trick; it is a painstaking process of understanding what works, what does not and what should be done.  It is achieved by implementing a series of adjustments, big and small.  But it must start first with a clear vision: one's unique Ultimate China Sourcing Solution.

To provide the necessary advice, we closely interface with our clients who share with us their knowledge, their concerns, their strategic sourcing goals, their aspirations and their challenges. We channel this data through a proprietary interactive template to identify opportunities and resolve conflicts.  See our pricing page for details.

Performance: It is our middle name and what our clients care most about. Improving sourcing performance means making small and big changes finely tuned to each client's needs.
We start with analysis, we discuss and review our clients' concerns on key aspects of their sourcing program. We systematically evaluate and analyze their current program and systems; we compare it to proven, optimal procedures and practical alternatives; and determine if improvements can be made.  Our analysis and recommendations are based on facts and market place data, not theory.  We provide a final report which usually includes an evaluation of the potential monetary value of the improvements. Call us for details.

Contact Us to find out more about these packages and how they make your sourcing program more efficient, more responsive and more cost-effective. More details available on our pricing page.

Hands-on: You don’t have a professional sourcing team in place but you need one. Our team is as big or as small as you need it, but it is always professional and reliable, and our fees are affordable and transparent.
Many importers have concluded that the ideal sourcing solution is to have one’s own hands-on professional sourcing team, a team that promptly and efficiently addresses each of their requirements.   At the same time, many have realized that such a team is costly and presents a management burden.  We specialize in supporting our clients with these challenges, namely providing the right size sourcing team at an affordable cost.  We have done this for more than 3 decades. We use two approaches to deliver the optimal sourcing teams to our clients:

  • The Inside Team is, in effect, your team within our team.  It taps into our sourcing operations, our established procedures and systems in a modular fashion, delivering to each client what they specifically need when they need it, while at the same time providing individual, personalized attention focused on each client’s unique requirements.
  • The Monthly Pulse is a management system that delivers accountability and control to our clients with a simple and efficient monthly interface.   This enables our clients to accurately control their China buying programs while leaving to us the burden of managing day-to-day issues on their behalf.

We manage the system, our clients manage us. 

Knowledge: We have 38 years of experience at your service and a Proven Process to take sourcing operations to the next level.
We transfer our knowledge to our clients so that they learn from our systems and experience. We both benefit from this interactive process: We share our knowledge on all aspects of the sourcing program, from RFQ to Quality Assurance to Logistics and our clients share their practical experience.

Many of our clients like to periodically check how their China sourcing management rates.  This tool was developed for them.  With this, one can obtain measurable results quickly (it takes less than 15 minutes) and anonymously. Doing the survey provides upper management with an overview of the current level of all aspects of their China Sourcing Management and doing this periodically can track improvements and progress over time. See our pricing page for details.

We have written Procedures for every step of the sourcing operations. This know-how is most valuable for those who are not satisfied with “good enough.” Call us to find out more.