China Sourcing Services


  • Are you an importer who wants higher performance from his China sourcing operations?
  • Do you feel you are not getting a good return on your China sourcing investment?
  • Are you simply not satisfied with “good enough”?
  • Are you seeking the most cost efficient way to manage or improve your China sourcing program?
  • Do you believe in processes, structure and accountability?
  • Do you want to take your sourcing operation to the next level?

The CPG services are designed to manage, better control and optimize your supply chain and your sourcing processes. They include the following:

  • Clear Communications with access to a bilingual team of sourcing experts
  • Quality Control you can rely on
  • Securing on-time deliveries every time
  • Direct transparent access to Chinese manufacturers
  • Strategic understanding of the business and cultural environment
  • Benchmarking, factory audits, and more

CPG’s unique fee-only approach provides the most economical solution for serious importers. Our customers use the CPG Sourcing Solution in two distinct ways:

  1. To improve and support their existing operations, using CPG’s resources on an advisory basis.
  2. To establish and manage their own China sourcing office, using CPG’s Inside Team.

CPG Checkup: Not convinced your China sourcing management is entirely up to par? Take our Check Up Questionnaire. It is 5 minutes interactive survey that grades your ability to manage the 8 key aspects of the China supply chain and helps you understand your own current China sourcing abilities. This service is free and anonymous.

CPG Check-up

We offer 4 packages calibrated to suit specific needs, they are:

The Performance Analysis: : This service evaluates the current sourcing program and systems; compares it to proven, optimal procedures and alternatives; and determines if improvements can be made. It also provides a monetary estimate of the potential value of improvements. Call us for details.

The Explorer Package - $2,600 per month: A short-term package with a team unit of 3 hours per day, 66 hours per month. This package is designed to explore China’s potential as a source or evaluate areas for improvements.

The Professional Package - $3,900 per month: A team unit of 4 hours per day, 88 hours per month. Good to handle a small to moderate sourcing program

The Business Package - $6,500 per month: A team unit of 8 hours per day, 166 hours per month. This is the most economical, scalable package for medium to large programs.

Call us to find out more about these packages and how they make your sourcing program more efficient, more responsive and more cost-effective.