China Sourcing Procedures

A key element of sourcing is predictability and reliability. A fundamental challenge for importers is: “How do you buy goods most competitively and, at the same time, ensure optimum quality and delivery?”

The answer of course is in management. The constant fine-tuning and improvement of proven processes, the measuring, the constant updating of what works and what does not.

At CPG, during the last 38 years, we have developed proven processes to handle China sourcing challenges in a systematic way. We have written these processes down and we constantly fine-tune and improve them so that they are clear, current, teachable and test-able. Each written process varies in size from as little as one page to more than 10 pages, depending on complexity and details. The result is a dynamic body of China sourcing knowledge and know-how that helps us provide predictable and repeatable performance to our clients.

We intend to make this knowledge available to importers who, like us, always strive to improve their performance and want to manage their systems better. By sharing this knowledge, we expect interactive feedback from a much broader range of companies. This will help us further improve the procedures and hone them into an authoritative standard for importers to follow.

It will take some time to publish these procedures because of the sheer volume of the work, because of translation issues and format and concerns on how to publish these documents on a website. So we intend to prioritize them and publish first the procedures that matter most, those that are most in demand. We are interested in your feedback about this and any other ideas you may have about this endeavor.

A sampling of the procedures we intend to publish is listed below. Kindly register and let us know your top 3 preferences and any other comments you may have concerning the process. By registering, you will be notified of the progress of the procedures that will be published.

Michael De Clercq


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Sourcing Operation Procedures
  • Sourcing Program Initiation
  • Locating & Pre-qualifying Vendors
  • RFQ: Secure Quotes from Vendors
  • Vendor Selection
  • Order Placement
  • Production and Post-Production Monitoring
  • Project List
  • Factory Negotiation
  • Shipping Schedule
  • Vendor Database
  • Making a Purchase Order
  • Making an Order Flowchart
  • Sourcing Document Management
  • Shipment Monitoring
  • Making a Quotation Sheet
Quality Assurance Operation Procedures
  • Introduction to Sourcing Quality Assurance
  • Pre Production Inspection
  • Early Production Inspection
  • Production Inspection
  • Production Onsite Monitoring
  • Unannounced Onsite Inspection
  • Random Sampling for Third Party Testing
  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Making and Using Specification Sheets (PSS)
  • Sample Handling
  • Registering Samples
  • Making and Using Inspection Specification Sheets (ISS)
  • Inspection Reports
  • Sample Inspection
  • Third Party Inspection Management
  • Making a QA Plan
Research Procedures
  • Research and Benchmarking
  • Making a Research Report
Travel Procedures
  • Business Trip
  • Receiving Clients
  • Factory Visits and Memos
  • Fair and Expo Attendance and Memos
  • Making and Optimizing Itineraries
Sourcing Team Leader Management Procedure
  • Startup of Sourcing Program Supervision
  • Management of the Locating and Prequalifying Vendor Process
  • Management of Secure Quotes from Vendor management
  • Management of the Vendor Selection Management Procedure
  • Management of the Order Placement Management procedure
  • Production Monitoring Management
  • Management of the Shipment
  • Management of the Project List Management
  • Management of the Shipping Schedule Management Procedure
  • Sourcing Morning Meeting Management
  • Solution-driven Impact Meetings
  • Management of the CPG document
  • Client Communication Management
  • Team Management Monthly report
  • Client Monthly Report
Communications Procedures
  • Communications - general concepts
  • Client Email Formats
  • Client Email Content
  • Client Email Guidelines
  • Client Phone/Skype communications
  • Client Face to face communications
  • Client Reports
  • Vendor Communications
  • Internal Communications
Human Resources Procedures
  • Employee Handbook
  • Recruiting
  • Training (Teaching/Testing)
  • Employee performance review
  • Termination
  • Benefits
  • New Employee Procedure
  • People management Guidelines
  • Labor Contract
  • TAL
  • Trial Period Management
  • Intern Management
  • Social Insurances and Housing Fund
  • Employee Relationship management
  • Salary
  • Employee Career Development
  • Bonus