The China Sourcing Solution™

If you are sourcing directly from Chinese factories, it is essential to have a team onsite managing the process and looking out for your interests. Not just any team, but a professional, experienced group of specialists who know how to get the results you need repeatedly and reliably. But setting up an office and team in China is costly and time consuming. And managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging. That’s where CPG comes into play.

How We Help

China Performance Group acts as your own branch office in China. We first learn your needs and objectives and our China Sourcing Solution™ brings the results you expect. With your dedicated sourcing team, we manage all the sourcing elements of the China segment of your supply chain. Having an on-site sourcing team makes all the difference. We work with your existing factories or find the best factories for your products. The process starts with a focus on the three essentials for a successful sourcing program.

The Three Essentials

China Sourcing

We seek the best value for your products. We negotiate optimal terms with the factories and establish clear contract protocols to protect your orders and ensure compliance. We monitor and insure that pricing stays at local market rates.
China Sourcing

Quality control at CPG starts before the order is placed. Factories have to be qualified, product requirements must be clearly understood. Every product sourced through CPG goes through our proprietary QC process. We use detailed specifiers to lock in product details and quality requirements. Every order should be inspected.
China Sourcing

We achieve 99% on-time delivery. This happens because all the previous steps have been carefully monitored. We supervise all elements of the production process and work closely with the factories to make sure the goods will ship on time. We provide a clear, real-time overview of your orders with our shipping schedule.

China sourcing solution

The Solution Includes

"Your Office"

  China Sourcing Imagine having your own sourcing office based in China, staffed with a team of specialists in sourcing, quality control, logistics, and a vast empirical knowledge of China Sourcing. CPG delivers just that and more with our China Sourcing Solution.  Meet your team.   Sourcing Team The Sourcing Team consists of a Specialist who will be the main contact and interface at CPG for our clients. That person is supervised by a Team Leader who reports to a Sourcing Manager. The Sourcing Specialist taps into the whole CPG team to provide our clients access to a complete professional supply chain management of their program. Quality Control Engineers The Quality Control Team oversees all the necessary steps according to our proprietary system to prevent quality issues from occurring and knowing how to address them if they do. They work closely with the Sourcing Team to and are responsible for all quality issues related to our client's program. China Sourcing Office With the China Sourcing Solution™ our clients are not only getting a dedicated sourcing team, but also their own sourcing headquarters located in the capital of China. On trips to China, they have access to the facilities and can use the office as a base to receive mail, samples, and to organize conferences with suppliers.

China Sourcing

Sourcing Management

Your team manages everything a buyer needs to control the sourcing process:

  • Finding the right factories
  • Negotiating the best pricing and terms
  • Placing Orders through a rigorous process
  • Systematic order follow up
  • Shipping and Logistics support
  • Monitoring shipping
  • Clear Communications throughout the process

China Sourcing

Quality Control

All programs go through CPG’s tried and proven Quality Control Process. The China Sourcing Solution includes:

  • Qualifying factories
  • Product Specification Sheets (PSS)
  • Product Inspection Sheets (ISS)
  • Sample Management
  • Sample inspections and confirmations
  • Monitoring the Quality Control process
  • Performing inspections (See which Quality Control Inspections are provided)
  • Interfacing with the factories QC management
  • Quality audits, etc.
  • Clear Communications throughout the process

Other Quality Control Inspections are also available.

China Sourcing


The start of a successful program is having accurate and reliable information on your products and industry. The China Sourcing Solution includes:

  • Pricing Probes: Find the factories that offer the best value for your products.
  • Benchmarking: Make sure your pricing remains competitive.
  • Investigation: Find out if factory claims are real.

Other specialized research is also available.

China Sourcing

Product Development

An automatic feature of the Sourcing Team is that, once they are attuned to the client's product and needs, they look for new products and ideas. They endeavor to improve the product and the process. And if the customer has a product or a concept that they would like to develop, the team helps with that too. CPG leads the whole process of product development in China, from communicating the concept to sample approval.

China Sourcing

Sourcing Trips

CPG understands the importance of maximizing the results of China trips. An important part of CPG's service offerings is planning sourcing trips, including China visits, scheduling manufacturers to meet in Beijing or elsewhere, and organizing visits to factories, fairs, or trade shows. CPG professionals can be arranged to accompany clients and have the ability to interpret not just the language, but also the opportunity. They will take notes and send a trip report with all the key details of the meetings. With CPG support, clients have more efficient and productive trips and they can return home faster, knowing that their team is following up and keeping up the business momentum generated by the visit. Other specialized trip services are also available.