Looking for a Factory in China?

Make CPG Your Trusted Sourcing Office in China, and let us help you with all your manufacturing needs.

Chinese Factory Worker

China Performance Group is an American company with 30+ years experience in China helping companies like yours save money and time finding Chinese Factories.

We act as your consultant in China, finding and evaluating reputable factories to produce your goods and managing the production right here in China on your behalf.

By taking care of your manufacturing needs in China and dealing direct with Chinese Factories for you, we allow you to focus on your sales and product development while saving you 20% to 50% off production costs.

Our unprecedented history sourcing and delivering 1,000+ different product types from China has given us in-depth knowledge and experience that makes your manufacturing in China worry-free. Finally, we are available to speak to you live in English 24/7 from our New Jersey and Beijing offices.

The 4 Benefits of Using CPG

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