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Sourcing from China – Cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis is a method used by governments, businesses and individuals to weigh out cost against the benefits over a period of time. Before deciding whether to outsource your products, it is important to undertake a cost-benefit analysis. The private and external costs are called the

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Building a factory in China

Build your own factory or work with an existing factory?
Now, this is a very pressing question. Simply put, if everything is done efficiently; the more of the supply chain you own/control, the cheaper the overall product should be to produce. Using this logic if you plan to

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Shipping from China to the USA

Transport cost and time remains one of the main determinants for businesses and wholesalers to decide their sourcing locations. At first it seems that there are many different costs, procedures and variables to think about when deciding whether to source from China; so in this blog we

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Industrial Automation Beijing 2013

To further understand the manufacturing process and its developments and gain insights into the market we visited the Industrial Automation. The International Automaton Beijing offers a platform for companies to enter the industrial market in Northern China, using automation technologies. The fair is organized by Hannover Milano

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Sourcing Acronyms

The world of sourcing can be a little confusing at times, here are some commonly used acronyms in the sourcing industry to help clear things up!

VAR - A value added re-seller is commonplace in the electronics industry but not exclusive to it. We can use Apple as an example;

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The Chocolate market in China

The Battle of the bonbons

Ever since the People’s Republic of China opened up to the world in the 1980s countless foreign companies have taken their business east. Companies quickly acknowledged the opportunities to take benefit of the world’s largest potential supply market. Successes were achieved by many,

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New Chinese visa regulations

The new Chinese visa regulations rolled out on the 1st of July 2013 and are aimed at imposing stricter penalties on foreigners working illegally in China. Thankfully for the rest of us this means that additional visa types have been created which facilitate foreigners in more ways

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