Life at CPG

At CPG, we are constantly looking forward where innovation, growth, and adaptability are keys to future success. Every member of the CPG team becomes a unique part of a larger entity moving towards a common goal.

We aim to create an atmosphere that fosters education and development. CPG provides a unique support structure that enables our employees to benefit from the company’s already established experience and expertise. From this strong foundation, employees are able to facilitate their unique contribution to the company and to our clients’ businesses.

Fourth of July Picnic

CPG's Fourth of July Picnic in Beijing

Life at CPG is also an international affair. Work in and experience different cultures and languages when dealing with international businesses. CPGers are proud to bridge the gap between the East and West in both business and culture. This requires flexibility and adaptability, an environment that CPG has flourished in since the beginning.

CPG rewards excellent work with competitive salary packages, bonus structures, as well as medical and other benefits.

We believe in the phrase “Work hard, play hard.” Consistent performance doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. CPG provides many opportunities to socialize and get to know your coworkers. Some examples are:

English Corner:

Improve your oral or written English or brush up on your vocabulary and grammar. English Corner covers a range of topics structured to  provide a fun relaxed learning environment for CPGers.

Book Club:

Read and discuss interesting books covering a range of topics with your coworkers.

Movie Club:

Experience the latest movies with your colleagues and talk about it later.

Events and Outings:

CPG organizes events every year to give employees a chance to socialize out of the work place.


The CPG blog gives CPGers a chance to share their experiences with the world.

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