Better Buying from China

We provide our clients with direct access to Chinese factories and at the same time offer our over 30 years of experience so you are able to get the most of your buying experience in China.

When we started in 1978 we were pioneers in sourcing consumer goods in China. At the time, China had a trade deficit with the USA of about $600 million and most of its exports (about $100 million) were commodities, not consumer goods. The proprietary systems we developed to manage our sourcing helped us grow rapidly just as China's exports grew. By 1988, when China was selling $8 billion worth of goods to the USA, we started to offer our sourcing system to our customers. Today, China's export industry continues to grow, with exports to the US alone around $300 million USD. China has become a key supplier to the US market and many companies, large and small, are now able to benefit from a China buying program.

CPG helps its clients by providing a China support structure for them. We combine an office in Beijing with an office in New Jersey to maintain, in English, a real-time and essential communication link with our clients. To ensure the best price/quality ratio for any product, we first establish a clear understanding of our customers' sourcing programs and needs. We then design a sourcing program that factors in key issues such as timing, quality, packaging, and accessories. We identify the best factories for the product and for our customer, and we process the orders on their behalf. As a result, our customers become confident about the products they order. They can plan on quality, timely arrival and good packaging. In this way, while China Performance Group handles the matters of production in China, our customer can focus on the needs of their own customer base.

Our mission is to provide our customers with that confidence and that peace of mind. Our method is to put our experience at their service, to be their very own "Sourcing Office in China."

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