CPG Management

Mr. Michael De Clercq - CEO

Michael is the founder and CEO of China Performance Group. He has been active in mainland China since 1975.

In 1978, Michael founded the parent company TransContinental Trade & Finance Corp with offices in Beijing and New Jersey.

He brings over 40 years of hands-on experience to CPG and has been personally involved in all aspects of the China supply chain management, from the selection of suitable partners and suppliers to contract negotiations to setting up quality assurance structures, from strengthening supply chain management to securing better financial terms. He contributes his long China experience to all levels of the sourcing and supply chain management.

Michael speaks English, Mandarin, French and Italian fluently.


Ms. Delianne De Clercq - COO

Delianne is a founding partner of China Performance Group and of its parent TransContinental Trade & Finance Corp.

In 1992, Délianne became the Chief Operating Officer of China Performance Group. She is also on the board of the parent company, TransContinental Trade & Finance Corp.

An architect by training, Délianne was born in Beijing and spent many years in Australia and the USA. Her extensive knowledge of the China sourcing process is drawn from over 20 years of experience as a buyer and manager of sourcing programs.

Délianne speaks Mandarin and English fluently.


Mr. Michael Zhang - Business Intelligence Manager

Mike has been with CPG for over 20 years and manages the research and analysis department.

Mike is proficient in market research, competitive analysis and sales and marketing planning. He has special experience in the field of machinery, building and construction materials, and environmental products.

He is fluent in English and his native language is Mandarin


Mr. Evan Xu - Sourcing Manager Merchandising

Evan is CPG's Sourcing Manager. He performs a wide range of functions in this position, including product research, vendor relations, factory audits, supply chain analysis and logistics.

He maintains a large network of contacts and relationships in different parts of China with a focus on constantly improving the efficiency and quality of CPG's services.

Evan is a well known consumer goods sourcing expert in China. He has been with China Performance Group since 1993.


Mrs. Nathalie De Clercq - Sourcing Specialist

Nathalie has been working in the international sourcing business for over ten years. She began in Europe working with over 30 companies in streamlining their supply chain before moving to the US to work with CPG.

She currently leads a CPG division covering catalogue and B2C companies and ‘new and hot’ type product businesses. This division also covers product-related start ups.

Nathalie speaks English, Chinese, French and Italian.


Ms. Laura O’Loughlin - International Sourcing Specialist

Laura works closely with the Beijing-based CPG team to help her clients source a variety of Chinese consumer products.

Laura relocated to the US from Australia in 2015 and consults as a translator for clients in the arts and entertainment industries.

She speaks fluent English and Japanese.