Our mission, philosophy, and values are the foundation of China Performance Group.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to add value and create wealth for our clients.


China Performance Group is a company that puts client satisfaction as its top priority.  When our clients are satisfied, our employees are happy.   We add value by committing the best of knowledge, processes and creativity to our client’s mission.


  • Results Oriented

    We listen to and understand our clients. We focus on their needs and build into our sourcing processes the key elements of success: pricing, quality and on-time delivery. We understand the extent to which these are interconnected and indivisible.

  • Accountability

    We demand it from all of our stakeholders and assist our clients and suppliers in integrating into our accountability process.

  • Excellence

    Our quest is for unsurpassed quality in all aspects of our business. We strive to constantly improve and demand the same from our customers and suppliers.

  • Fun

    We believe that fun is a key ingredient to life. People who enjoy themselves learn efficiently, are open to changes in behavior, are able to understand different points of view, experience reduced stress, and are more successful.


Our clients are forward-thinking owners and senior executives who understand the challenges of China sourcing. Their aim is to grow their business, improve their margins, develop superior organizations, establish and maintain clear and effective communications with suppliers and consistently beat their competition.

CPG helps its clients by providing them with a solid, reliable and predictable platform in China. .


We are proud of our employees. They are the backbone of our success.
Each employee contributes individual strengths, creativity and passion to CPG. They work together in an atmosphere of teamwork, mutual trust, respect and interdependence. Our sourcing teams perform with passion, integrity and competence. With a service oriented mindset we strive to deliver insightful solutions and exceptional service to our customers.