Pizza Hut in China

Pizza Hut Entry

This weekend, I was with two friends and we decideded to visit Pizza Hut where we will have dinner, because we were tired of noodles and rice. I said to myself, a pizza after two weeks of eating just Chinese food, why not! I know this American chain and thought the pizza should not be as bad as some other western food that I have tried in Asia.

When we were getting closer to the restaurant I was in shock. The difference compared with the American and Mexican locals that I had seen was huge. I won’t say it was too elegant or fancy, but I was on shock. The first thing that struck me was that we had to wait for a table because the restaurant was crowded and of course they had a hostess who handed us the menu and put our name on the waiting list. The menu was huge!

If the façade, the waiting room and the hostess already had me lost for words, the menu was more similar to any international restaurant than the usual Pizza Hut menu that I am used to in America or Mexico. This was a really complete menu; it had a huge range of dishes such as appetizers, salads, seafood, steaks, pastas, and baked rice and of course the classic pizzas as well as special extravaganza pizzas. They also had a special menu for desserts and beverages that included a huge variety of coffees such as macchiato, cappuccinos and iced coffee, as well as bubble teas, juices, sodas. There was even a wine selection to join your dishes, with wines from Chile, France, Italy and Australia.

My British friends were as shocked as I was. We did not expect this Pizza Hut adventure, where our pizza night would be transformed into a complete gastronomic experience. After waiting 10 minutes, our table was ready, I saw both Chinese and western people on the tables, we were not the only foreigners here. The place was really fancy you couldn’t ask for more, it is literally a place where one could take a girl on a date. It was so shiny, fancy and full of Italian touches in the indoor decoration.

My friends and I decided to share a set dinner for 3, which included calamari rings, salmon salad, steak, and the most exotic pizza I have ever tried, and I assume can be only bought in China. The pizza had hot dog crust topped with calamari, fish, pineapple, pepper, onions and tempura shrimp dressed with wasabi mayo, and we also got two side dishes for which we chose grilled vegetables and pasta, then for dessert we had bread pudding and vanilla ice cream.

The difference between Pizza Hut in China and the Western countries has left me speechless and amazed.

Pizza in China