Chinese Karaoke (KTV)

After working at CPG for a week, the company organized a KTV evening after work. At first I didn't understand what KTV was, but soon it became clear that we were going to Chinese Karaoke. I was very excited although I was not confident to sing songs in front of many people. We finished work and hopped in a bus all together. I did not know where we were supposed to get off so I just followed my Chinese colleagues. We arrived at the destination safely and our KTV evening started.


Since it was a Friday night, there were a lot of business people, families, and groups of friends at KTV. I could understand how popular it is in China. The KTV place was really neat and clean. The room we used was big enough and there was a mirror ball. It was pretty much like a club or disco but the only difference was that Chinese people did not dance at KTV, just singing songs. When it was my turn to sing a song, my boss told me I needed to go to the corner of the room where there was a stand microphone. I thought it was really interesting that there was a special spot for the person who was singing. At KTV, they had both English and Chinese songs so I enjoyed singing English songs and listening to Chinese songs Chinese colleagues sang.

In addition to Karaoke, the place we went offered us buffet as well. Since it was dinner time, I was so hungry. When we arrived at the buffet section, there was a long line to wait for food. I was not even surprised this because in Beijing, it is common to wait for something wherever I go. I guess I am getting used to living in Beijing. While we were waiting on the line, I was checking what food they had through glass windows. There were varieties of Chinese food including noodles, fried rice, vegetables, meat, and soup. I wanted to try them all, but by the time it was our turn to get food, most of them were already gone. I was a little sad but servers kept bringing food so I could get at least what I wanted to eat. I think the speed of making food did not catch up with that of people taking food. I had never experienced this before in the States so it let me realize that I am in China that has the biggest population in the world. One thing I liked was that we could take food to our KTV room. So I could enjoy listening to Chinese songs while I was eating. Chinese food was good.


I have been enjoying every single moment in China so far. My first experience at KTV in China was great and would be one of the best memories. I would like to go back there again while I am in Beijing.