Chinese Translations of Christmas Products

“Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells…” Christmas is on the way!

Soon is the arrival of one of the most important holidays in the Western world. Thanks in part to globalization and the commercialization of American holidays, Christmas has come to China as well. It’s not about to replace the Chinese Spring Festival, but it’s a special time in China where stores play Christmas songs, erect colorful Christmas trees, and showcase beautifully decorated winter wonderlands in storefronts. More and more Chinese people every year have Christmas parties and exchange gifts, not all that different to their American counterparts.

If you're interested in the Chinese translations of Christmas products, then take a look below at this helpful chart.

christmas china

  • 1. 姜饼人
  • 2. 雪人
  • 3. 拐杖糖
  • 4. 冬青
  • 5. 圣诞灯串
  • 6. 蝴蝶结
  • 7. 铃铛
  • 8. 雪花片
  • 9. 鼓
  • 10. 松针
  • 11. 礼物
  • 12. 金色球
  • 13. 圣诞袜
  • 14. 圣诞帽
  • 15. 蜡烛
  • 16. 星星
English Name Pinyin
1 Gingerbread Man Jiangbingren
2 Snowman Xueren
3 Candy Cane Guaizhangtang
4 Holly Dongqing
5 Lights Shengdandengchuan
6 Bow Hudiejie
7 Bell Lingdang
8 Snowflake Xuehuapian
9 Drum Gu
10 Tree Songzhen
11 Presents Liwu
12 Gold Ball Ornaments Jinseqiu
13 Stocking Shengdanwa
14 Santa Hat Shengdan Laoren
15 Candle Lazhu
16 Star Xingxing

There’s a large chance that the decorations you’ve put up for the holidays were made in China and now you will know how to refer to them in Chinese! We hope that this chart was useful for you.

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