To help celebrate The Fourth of July, we've prepared... another installment of "The Chinglish Column!" Anyone having "Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles" for their Independence Day barbecue?

Chinglish on the Menu- Seafood Family

The Seafood Family, and everyone's invited! Even uncle sea cucumber, even though he smells kind of weird.

Chinglish on the Menu- Mountain Fresh Meatballs Bacteria

There's nothing like "Mountain Fresh Meatballs Bacteria" to start off a meal!

Chinglish on the Menu- Moo Meat

"Moo Meat"- but that certainly does not look like beef.

Chinglish on the Menu- Linked to the Blood

"Linked to the Blood" ...but what is it linked to??

Chinglish on the Menu- Hand Tore Goose

That's right: Hand... Tore... Goose...

Dry Pot Baby Food

Dry Pot Baby Food

Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles

Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles- Mmmm sounds fragrant and relaxing

Chinglish on the Menu- Soup Baby Food

Baby-food or Baby food...?

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